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On all 850 Volvos from 93 on, if the timing belt, tensioners or water pump fail, the valves hit the pistons (oops!). It's not just a mileage thing, it's the age of these rotating parts as well. If buying a used Volvo, check to see if the owner has a record of this repair. A reputable shop or dealer will put a sticker on the timing belt cover with date and mileage. We recently replaced a belt with only 49000 miles on it, the car was a 2000, the belt was 17 years old and badly cracked, a sure failure waiting to happen. We check every car that comes into our shop!

If you hear a knocking noise driving over our poor Midwest roads, it may be a fairly easy fix. A common Volvo issue is a broken or loose sway bar link.

We have seen them broken, bent, and even just completely missing (you wonder how the driver didn't hear that coming off). Most of the time the ball socket on the end is worn. Sometimes the nuts on the end need to be cut off to replace, as they get pretty rusty under the car. 

All Volvos from 93 including the Volvo 850, s70, v70, s80, and xc90 use a rubber spring seat on the front strut. After some years of driving, the metal center sleeve gets disconnected. This causes a large knock coming from the front of your Volvo, a very common problem on 8 or 10 year old Volvos. It’s easy to check by removing the top strut bolt to look at the sleeve. To replace, the strut needs to be removed from the car and you’ll need a coil spring compressor to remove the spring seat. I recommend doing both struts. IPD offers have a heavy duty spring seat. I like using the Volvo factory xc90 spring seat. 

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